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Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Developing Dedicated Followers of Jesus Christ

Hidden With Christ
Colossians 3:1-4
July 05, 2015~ Pastor Andy Rice

Weekly Update

Summer Memory Verse:

The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes; the fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever; the rules of the LORD are true, and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb."  - Psalm 19:7-10



As I write this note my desk is covered with sticky notes, manila folders, paper clips, and a large coffee.  That can only mean one of two things:  either I’ve turned my office into an office supply store, or Sports and Music Camp is just around the corner.  Since I’m more in the business of buying sticky notes than selling them, it must be the latter.  Tomorrow my family will head to Alton Bay, NH – followed a day later by Pastor Joshua and his family – for another year of the wonderful ministry to teens known as Sports and Music Camp. 

      I never grow tired of saying how grateful I am for this church’s support of this ministry.  We do not take for granted the privilege of participating in this camp, knowing that it comes at the expense (at least in part) of our ministry and time here.  It has been amazing to see how God has used this camp over the past 4 decades – including my own!  And it will be a joy once again to see how he works in the lives of those who gather in just a few days. 

     As I put the finishing touches on several different tasks today, and as I look ahead to the many details to tackle in the coming days, I am increasingly aware of our desperate need for the prayers of God’s people.  Nothing of any lasting value can be accomplished apart from God’s work in the lives of those who gather on Sunday, so we are pleading with Him to make Himself known in a powerful way.  Our most pressing prayer request is that God would work in the hearts of the campers in exactly the way it’s needed:  salvation, encouragement, guidance, conviction – whatever the case may be – we’re trusting the Lord to work through the preaching of His Word.  Would you join us in praying to that end?  Here are a few additional specific prayer requests:

  • Numbers:  We are far from capacity so we are still praying for God to send more campers our way.  (If you know of someone who may want to attend, it’s not too late!)
  • Weather:  So much of what we do depends on clear weather, so we are praying for that – but also praying for flexibility in whatever God gives us.
  • Safety:  Please pray for physical health and protection for all in attendance.
  • Staff:  Our staff members make significant sacrifices to be with us, and with it comes significant responsibility.  Pray for wisdom, especially in conversation with campers, and pray for unity among our staff.
  • Pastor Joshua:  Josh hurt his knee two days ago and caused some kind of damage to it, resulting in a lot of pain and inability to move around.  He is particularly concerned on the impact this injury will have on his ability to do what we wants to do at camp.  Please pray for a quick recovery from this injury! 
      If you will be praying for us and for Sports and Music Camp this week, would you let me know? You can call/text/email – however you want to get in touch.  Reminding us of your prayers is a huge encouragement in the throes of preparation. 
      Once again my heart is filled with thankfulness for your heart for this ministry. I look forward to returning in 10 days to worship the Lord together! 
For His Glory,


Pastor Andy 


Wednesday, 7:00pm Prayer Meeting 
Friday, 10:00am
Servant's Heart Food Pantry
Sunday, 9:30am
Prayer Group in the Prayer Room
Worship Service (w/ Joe Chapa preaching)

PRAYER MEETING:   Tonight, 7pm

Our weekly prayer gathering continues each Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Prayer Room. Please feel free to join us in studying Scripture and in praying for the needs of our church family.   There is also a group gathering for prayer each Sunday before the service at 9:30am.    



Both Pastors Andy and Joshua will be away for Sports and Music Camp from Friday, June 26 through Saturday, July 4.  Mr. Joe Chapa will be preaching this Sunday in Pastor Andy's absence, on what happens to be the Chapas last Sunday with us before retiring to South Carolina.  Please pray for the ministry of Sports and Music Camp in the coming week.  In addition to camp, both will also be taking vacation within the next few weeks.  Pastor Joshua will be out of the office during the week of July 6, and Pastor Andy will be away from Thursday, July 16 through Monday, July 20.  (Former Superintendent of our Region of churches, Rev. Clint Taber, will be preaching on July 19). If you have an emergency and cannot reach Pastor Andy or Pastor Joshua on their cell phones, please contact Pastor Dave Squire or Ken Houghton.  



As you know we have taken the past several weeks to try out a new digital piano that would be an improvement upon our current acoustic piano and a great addition to the music ministry of our church.  With the generosity of many who saw the value in this addition, we were able to collect over $2,500 towards the purchase of it.  Last week, the Board approved the purchase of the piano, with the remaining balance coming from a previously gifted undesignated fund.  We are so thankful to all who contributed in this way and we are excited to continue to use this each week in our worship services.  



 Beginning next Sunday July 5th and continuing through Labor Day, our Sunday morning Junior Church classes will look a little different. We will be combining the classes and working our way through the New Testament, using the "What's in the Bible" video series. This will hopefully be easier on our teachers and a little bit different for our Children. Teachers would show one session of the DVD and ask some questions related to the video and have the children participate in some lesson related activities.  A teacher sign up is in the back of the sanctuary , if your able to help in this area please sign up or contact Pastor Joshua with a week you would be available. 


In July (tentative date - Friday, July 10) we'll gather again at Pastor Andy and Carrie's home for another gathering of this initial Community Group.   (For a fuller explanation about Community Groups, go here.)  This is for any who are interested in pursuing biblical fellowship together, and these initial gatherings are helping to get us oriented toward our vision for Community Groups at Faith Church.  Stay tuned for more details about our next gathering in July.  


Our food pantry receives donations of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer from both the Farm Co-Op andFarmers Market in Melrose.  Each week during the summer months we need help on Thursday evenings picking up this food and delivering it to the church.  If you can help in a given week please look sign-up at the back of the sanctuary.  



It's not too late to receive a scholarship if you're planning to attend a Christian camp this summer, but we need to know as soon as possible!  Please contact Pastor Joshua. 



Each month from now until November we'll be highlighting the items needed for the shoeboxes we'll pack for Operation Christmas Child.  The items collected will help us pack shoeboxes for our OCC Carnival Night.  You can place your donations in the box at the back of the sanctuary.  
For the month of June, we are collecting: Play-Doh, puzzles, stuffed animals, and balls.  
In prior months, we've been collecting: Sunglasses, flashlights (w/ batteries), jump ropes, and yo-yo’s, hairbrushes, combs, girls hair accessories, boys/girls socks, wash cloths, boys/girls underwear, toothbrushes, toothbrush covers, toothpaste, bar soap, and travel-size tissues.  



Sports and Music Camp:  June 28 - July 3


Interested in a copy of the message from Sunday?  Email the church office at and we will see that you get a copy.  Past sermons are available at



Hidden With Christ
Colossians 3:1-4
July 05, 2015~ Pastor Andy Rice