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Saturday, January 31, 2015
Developing Dedicated Followers of Jesus Christ

Biblical Fellowship: Up-In-Out
Part 20f 4
1 John 1:5-2:2
Jan. 25, 2015~ Pastor Andy Rice

Weekly Update

January Memory Verse:

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted as head above all.”  ~ 1 Chronicles 29:11 (ESV)


Here's another week of "quick hits":  

  • Bonhoeffer Quote:  In light of our current series on biblical fellowship I’ve been re-reading the classic work by Dietrich Bonhoeffer called Life Together.  One of the many quotes that stood out to me was applicable to last week’s text and I thought it too important not to share:     
“The presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer. A physical sign of the gracious presence of the Triune God. They receive and meet each other as one meets the Lord - in reverence, humility and joy.  How inexhaustible are the riches that open up for those who, by God’s will, are privileged to live in the daily fellowship of life with other Christians…” 

The question for us is:  are we experiencing the incomparable joy and strength and the inexhaustible riches opened up by genuine fellowship with one another?  By God’s grace I hope we will. 

  • Annual Meeting and Dinner:  This Sunday following the service is a potluck dinner and our Annual Meeting.  But please don’t be misled by the word “meeting”!  Of course, it is a meeting – with reports and ballots and motions and “ayes”.  Yet it’s so much more than a meeting!  While there is “business” that needs to be accomplished, our aim during this time is to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us in 2014, and look ahead to what he will do through us in 2015.  Everyone is invited to participate in this dinner and the meeting that follows it.  We hope you’ll join us!
  • Annual Report:  Along with our Annual Meeting we publish an Annual Report which consists of reports from the various church and committee leaders.  We were late in distributing these reports this year (ahem – due mainly to the tardiness of a certain pastor in the corner office whose first name happens to rhyme with “candy” – ahem), but they will be available at the back of the sanctuary this Sunday.  We’re also planning to email an electronic copy to the membership later this week.
  • Did you know…that our Food Pantry was the recipient of 3 full carloads of groceries last weekend, donated by those who attended a free concert for children at Memorial Hall?  You can read about it on Mayor Dolan’s blog, and if you do you’ll see that our very own Sue Goodnow-Ji was one of the coordinators for an event that drew more than 800 people for the free concert.  Attendees were encouraged to help out our food pantry by bringing non-perishable items in lieu of an admission fee.  Sue and a crew of friends collected, delivered, and processed all the food on Saturday afternoon.  What a great way to be involved in the community and to help the efforts of our food pantry!
  • Scripture Memory Verse:  This month’s Scripture memory verse – 1 Chronicles 29:11 (see above) – is our 30th monthly Scripture memory verse since starting it over three years ago.  I suspect that there was more participation in this effort 3 years ago than there is today, but I still want to encourage you to take the time required to commit this verse to memory.  1 Chronicles 29:11 is not only a great verse to memorize, but it’s also our theme verse for the year.  What a much needed reminder it is that God is great and glorious and powerful – that all things belong to him and that he is exalted as head above all! 
     I’m grateful for another week of serving the Lord alongside you.  I pray for God’s richest blessings on your week and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Pastor Andy 


Wednesday, 7:00pm Prayer Meeting
Friday, 10:00am
Servant's Heart Food Pantry
Sunday, 9:30am
Prayer Group in the Prayer Room
Worship Service
Fellowship Dinner & Annual Meeting

PRAYER MEETING:   Wednesdays, 7:00pm

Our weekly prayer gathering continues each Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Prayer Room. Please feel free to join us in studying Scripture and in praying for the needs of our church family.   There is also a group gathering for prayer each Sunday before the service at 9:30am.  


The Finance Committee would like to remind you that year-end giving statements are available for pickup at the back of the sanctuary (or can be mailed, if necessary).  If you have any questions you may speak with Kenny Houghton or Carolyn Smith.  Additionally, giving envelopes for 2015 are available at the back of the Sanctuary, if you wish to use them. 


 With winter weather upon us we want to be sure that we have your correct contact information.  In the event of a cancellation of a church activity, we generally spread the word in three different ways:  1) An automated calling service with a detailed message; 2) an email to our regular email contact list; 3) an announcement on our website.  The fastest and most direct means of finding out about a cancellation is through the phone message system, so if you haven't received one of those calls in the past, or if your phone number has changed, please be sure to contact the church office and give us the updated information.  



Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent):  February 18
Community Dinner:  February 20
Annual Chili Cook-Off:  February 21 (tentative date)
Good Friday:  April 3
Resurrection Sunday:  April 5


Interested in a copy of the message from Sunday?  Email the church office at and we will see that you get a copy.  Past sermons are available at



Biblical Fellowship: Up-In-Out
Part 20f 4
1 John 1:5-2:2
Jan. 25, 2015~ Pastor Andy Rice